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How election officials fought campaign misinformation

By Freddy Brewster and Katie Licari , CalMatters
Dec 2, 2020

Voters were subjected to everything from misleading claims from the White House to social media posts discrediting the integrity of the voting process.

How California reached historic voter turnout despite pandemic, distrust

By Lewis Griswold, CalMatters
Nov 24, 2020

Californians faced the naysayers and voted in historic numbers this election. To date, CalMatters has interviewed 45 of 58 county registrars and found the mail vote experiment saw few glitches, little drama and might provide a blueprint for future elections across the country.

A debunked theory fuels a Trump lawsuit

By Steven Rascón, CalMatters
Nov 10, 2020

Concerns reached up to Northern California, where voters asked “ad nauseam” about Sharpie-invalidated ballots.

Voting at 17? Not so fast

By Elena Neale-Sacks, CalMatters
Nov 6, 2020

A proposal to give younger people a greater voice in elections was resoundingly rejected by about 55% of California voters. By some measures Proposition 18, which would have allowed 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections if they turned 18 by the next general election, should have been a shoo-in.

In the Bay Area, hope and anxiety

By Brian Howey and Steven Rascòn, CalMatters
Nov 5, 2020

As President Trump and his supporters moved to stop the counting of mail-in votes in key battleground states yesterday, local activist groups greenlighted rallies in several Bay Area cities.