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The last of the early voters

By Zachary Fletcher and Ley Heimgartner, CalMatters
Nov 2, 2020

Twelve million people have voted so far, the first year in which California sent everyone a vote-by-mail ballot.

Pandemic slows legal voting from California jails

By Michael Lozano and Isabella Fertel, CalMatters
Oct 30, 2020

Tens of thousands of jailed Californians who are eligible to vote won’t be able to this year because of issues tied to the pandemic.

When power is transferred—literally—in an election

By Aaron Leathley, CalMatters
Oct 27, 2020

In a stark scene of what the electoral process in California can look like in 2020, masked voters last Monday cast early ballots in an El Dorado County elections office powered by a generator after dry winds and fear of wildfires triggered an electricity shutoff.

Pens, PPE, Police: Preparing for In-Person Voting

By Aaron Leathley and Zachary Fletcher , CalMatters
Oct 26, 2020

It was a succinct appraisal of the state of mind of county election officials grappling with the new normal of voting in the year of a pandemic, disinformation and threats of voter intimidation.

AG Becerra takes ballot box fight to court

By Michael Lozano, CalMatters
Oct 20, 2020

Becerra escalated a ballot box battle with the California GOP, asking the courts to force the GOP to hand over subpoenaed information.