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Michigan lawmakers hear lots of theories, no proof, in election fraud probe

By Jonathan Oosting and Madeline Halpert, Bridge Michigan
Dec 1, 2020

For a full day, GOP activists repeat election claims that courts have already rejected. Republican lawmakers who hosted the hearing say they have a duty to investigate. Democrats say the hearing wasted time with ‘unsubstantiated cries of fraud.’

Monica Palmer, Michigan canvassers got election posts after little vetting

By Madeline Halpert, Mansur Shaheen, Bridge Michigan
Nov 19, 2020

Canvassing boards are thrust into the national spotlight after two Wayne County Republicans try to change their certification. County officials say they now need to do a better job investigating applicants before they are appointed to posts.

Michigan GOP canvassers under pressure to ignore votes, help Trump

By Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert, Bridge Michigan
Nov 18, 2020

Now that Wayne County has certified its election, activists want the state Board of Canvassers to refuse to certify the state’s election and allow lawmakers to award Michigan’s electors to Trump. It’s a long shot and may be illegal.

Wayne County changes course, certifies election as GOP members relent

By Madeline Halpert, Jonathan Oosting, Bridge Michigan
Nov 17, 2020

Along party lines, board deadlocks in Michigan’s largest, most Democratic county. GOP members cited concerns that some precincts are ‘out of balance, drawing a swift rebuke from Democrats. It’s now up to the state to certify results.

Trump: Dismiss Michigan votes GOP didn’t witness. Experts say that’s absurd.

By Madeline Halpert, Bridge Michigan
Nov 12, 2020

President Trump’s legal strategy to thwart the Michigan election hinges on a claim that GOP challengers and poll workers were outnumbered and therefore votes they didn’t check shouldn’t count. It’s an argument that not only would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, but is dangerous to democracy, foes say.

GOP clerk’s typo in Michigan fuels false ‘vote dumping’ claims

By Madeline Halpert, Bridge Michigan
Nov 11, 2020

One week after the election, untrue claims about an extra 138,000 votes for Joe Biden in  Shiawassee County still persist — and are being cited in fundraising emails — even though election officials say the mistake was corrected within minutes.