Post-Election Roundup: What went down in Detroit’s TCF Center

By Gabe Schneider

Votebeat is a pop-up nonprofit newsroom covering local election administration and voting in eight states, created by Chalkbeat. This is a roundup of stories VoteBeat reporters published Nov. 4–5. 


Two days after Election Day, ballots are still being counted in states that could decide the next president and—depending on ballots being counted in Georgia—whether Democrats or Republicans take control of the Senate in January. (The outcome of this vote will determine whether Georgia has one or two runoff elections for its Senate seats.)





Bisma Parvez was inside Detroit’s TCF Center when conservative agitators tried to harass poll workers counting the vote. Parvez and other BridgeDetroit reporters break down what happened: Why conservatives were at Detroit’s TCF Center and how law enforcement responded to the situation. 


Elected officials in Michigan and Detroit braced themselves for legal challenges on Tuesday, after the Trump campaign said it would file suit. BridgeDetroit covers how the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, which certifies elections, is handling the situation. 



Despite misleading reports that Allegheny County election workers took a day off from counting, the facts are that the workers have to wait another day to count almost all remaining ballots.  Tom Lisi at Spotlight PA explains that a court settlement reached after 29,000 voters in Allegheny County were sent incorrect ballots means that the county must collect any replacement ballots from those voters that arrive in the mail through 5 p.m. Friday, then resume processing and counting. 



Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, vouched for the integrity of  Georgia’s election system and the use of paper ballots. Christopher Alston reports for WABE that for many voters in Georgia, voting went smoothly on Election Day. “This election puts to rest the debates enflamed by those in our state, or not in our state, who have looked to sow doubt about our system and those who have wrongly claimed there is a lack of access to voting,” said Raffensperger.


North Carolina 

Election workers in North Carolina will continue counting votes well into next week, as mail-in ballots are received and they take in provisional ballots. Each county elections board will meet on Nov. 13, the day after the deadline to receive mail-in ballots submitted by Election Day, to certify their results, reports Colleen Harry with WFAE. 


New Jersey 

New Jersey election staff and administrators are fed up with the state’s current system, following an Election Day complete with jammed phone lines and tens of thousands of late mail-in ballots. Jeff Pillets reports for NJ Spotlight News on the front-line workers who are demanding change. 



After preparing for the worst, California’s Election Day seems to have ended without much fanfare. Lewis Griswold and Michal Lozano report that, while businesses boarded up windows and prepared for looting, the night-of was mostly calm and quiet.